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We take pride in our exceptional customer service and arrive fully equipped to meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations. Our attention to detail, efficient personalized service, and guaranteed satisfaction are standards of excellence we deliver to our customers.
Couch Ottoman Cushions
Working with leather is a little more involved than working with fabric. Because of working with odd shapes. An upholstered ottoman is a useful piece of furniture to have in a home. It can serve as a decorative piece, be used for storage, or provide extra seating.
We make cushions with the design and style of your choice so that you can impress your guests when they visit your home.

How we do it?

All items go through our preparation process where they are stripped to a bare frame/shell. The item is then checked for any defects and rectified, all internal fillings, springing and webbing’s are then replaced. The Furniture will then be rejuvenated, revitalised to its original guise, or perhaps restyled to modernise it.

Furniture is then returned to you, all work being fully guaranteed.


How we do it

Upholstery Options

Labor Prices are generally based upon:
  • Condition: How good of shape the furniture is in. Is the frame solid? Are the Springs in good conditions? What condition is the padding in?
  • The Style: Is it a plain simple style or is it more complicated, such as, does it have attached pillow arms, lots of buttons, channels on the inside back or arms.
  • Service Option Chosen: Basic Upholstery, Deluxe Upholstery.

To get an estimate, your best way is to take pictures of your furniture and email them to us (info@myportfolio.co.za).

When you get an estimate from an upholsterer, find out what the estimate includes. Get it in writing. Some upholsterers may say, "the price includes everything." But, unless it is clearly spelled out, how do you know what you will actually be getting?

For example, the upholsterer might plan on just wrapping the existing cushion fill, while the client might expect all the cushion fill to be replaced with new.

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