March 6, 2020 Tembisa, teanong 3 set sofa re-upholstery

Tembisa, teanong 3 set sofa re-upholstery

Selling both labor and materials to the clients is a standard business process. The labor alone is not enough to pay all the associated expenses and costs that go into doing each upholstery job and operating our business. The profit that we make on fabric sales is part of our needed income to keep us going. Other businesses also sell materials, parts, and supplies at a profit as part of their process, for example auto mechanics sell parts at a profit to their clients to repair their vehicles. Construction contractors purchase the materials for each job and sell those items at a profit to their clients. Each of these businesses, and other business, use this business model. That is all part of the cost of their service to keep their business profitable and healthy.

It is much easier for us to work with our own fabrics because there is less work in handling the fabrics. For example, when we sell the fabrics to the clients, and then receive the fabrics from our suppliers:

  • it is generally neatly rolled on a cardboard tube, which minimizes wrinkles and creases
  • the face of the fabric is on the inside of the roll. This makes it easy for us to just lay it on the table and roll it out.
  • the fabric is first quality goods, with very few, if any, flaws, discolorations, or wrinkles
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