Tactics to understand client’s brief

Why is it important to understand customer needs?

Clients are the most important asset of your freelance business. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business, and you don’t have who to send invoices to and get paid!

The ability to interpret client needs is a necessary skill for any business owner. In the freelance business, it’s particularly important as you are constantly developing proposals, pitching clients and meeting their expectations with regular work. You can’t assume client needs or you’ll be missing the mark.

Being a freelancer is similar to many other small businesses. There are many different facets of the operation, from job searches, to sales, to closing deals, to delivering on the work, and to actually getting your freelance invoices paid.

If you don’t understand the needs of potential customers, you’ll never close the sale to make them a customer. Once you have a customer, you must continue to understand and meet ongoing needs, or you won’t retain the business. You need to know how to identify client needs.

Important tactics for understanding client needs.

1. Know their business

2. Listen (really listen)

3. Ask questions and paraphrase for understanding

4. Bring new ideas to the table

5. Continue to circle back with the client

Understanding client needs is one of the biggest challenges of any freelance business, but also one of the most important and rewarding tasks. Acquiring and maintaining a loyal client base will ensure your business remains successful.

These five tactics on how to identify client needs will serve your freelance business in every step of the process, from pitching the client to developing proposals to actually doing the work.

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