Data attack exposes personal info in South Africans

The SA Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) has confirmed that credit bureau Experian suffered a data attack. This has exposed some personal information of as many as 24 million South Africans”.

Nearly 800,000 business entities have also fallen pray to a “suspected fraudster”, Sabric said.

According to the risk centre, Experian confirmed the breach. It has been reported to law enforcement.

“Banks have been working with Experian and Sabric to identify which of their customers may have been exposed. They have to protect their personal information.

It added that the affected banks would speak to customers about how they may be affected by the breach. Also what is being done about it.

“The compromise of personal information can create opportunities for criminals to impersonate you. However, this does not guarantee access to your banking profile or accounts. Criminals can use this information to trick you into disclosing your confidential banking details.

Sabric advised that if anyone suspects that their identity has been compromised, they should apply immediately for a free protective registration listing with the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS).

“This service alerts SAFPS members, which includes banks and credit providers, that your identity has been compromised and that additional care needs to be taken to confirm that they are transacting with the legitimate identity holder,” it said.

Consumers wanting to apply for a protective registration can contact SAFPS at

Standard Bank on Wednesday confirmed that some of its clients had been affected.

“We are working closely with Experian, Sabric, the Banking Association of South Africa (Basa) and the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) to give this investigation the support and urgency it deserves,” it said in a statement.

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