Have you ever had Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door? How did you respond?

Robin Shannon, Airbnb Superhost and former part of the Airbnb Experts Group Answered,

“They used to drive me mad……until one day I figured I would play their game!
I said…., Hey come in. I am not sure where I am going with religion. I am 75 years old hence need to consider what lies ahead for me!

They pulled out a couple of ‘Watchtower’ magazines

They pulled out a couple of ‘Watchtower’ magazines and started to point out how Jehovah was th…! I stopped them and said, Last year my niece, here you go, here is a photo of her! Each of them said what a lovely vibrant looking girl she was. Well she was in a car accident, because of her own stupid fault. She was driving too fast on a wet road. She lost control, and wrapped herself around a tree. Fortunately she was found quickly. An ambulance was called and she was rushed off to hospital. Now as you know relatives consent is required before a serious operation can take place!

One of them started to look a bit uncomfortable with where this statement was heading…..‘You know that the Lord protects those who believe in him?’

She had lost a massive amount of blood

I said….Really, the doctor told us she had lost a massive amount of blood, It was imperative that we get her into surgery straight away. All of a sudden life’s realities were laid out there before me. Do I kill this child or do I save her!

I said to these interlopers who had chosen to walk up my driveway and into my life….
My God saved my niece, she went into the operating theatre. They gave her a few pints of blood and well there she is, can you see her. She looks just great doesn’t she. Tell me, what would your God have done?

They packed up their Watchtower magazines and left. You know what, I haven’t ever seen them here since!

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